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My name is Jen. I hate to start my blog this way because it is so cliche, but I am a small town Bostonian girl, from the most Irish town in America. Funny that I am only one of three children and not nine....multicultural? Yes. Sorry bad joke. I am nothing of the sort small, I am what my mother calls statuesque, aka 5'10'' and since I was in the 4th grade I have looked down on most people, literally. When I see taller girls I get a little pissed and I stand up taller, and in my head, if the girl can sense the competition or not, I am having a tall person battle with her when we walk by each other...weird? Yes, but it's a territory of the height for me, and now I am moving to the biggest city on the east coast of the United States, New York City! 

I am a senior finishing up my academic career this May 2009, not to say that I won't go to grad school, but I am finishing university in New York City interning for a prestigious women's magazine, as a photo intern. Along with the internship, I will also have a part-time job and will be taking online classes to finish my film minor and my last general education class. 

Many of my friends think I'm crazy to leave campus in my final semester. I say I'll catch up with my drinking another time, hold that dutch just a little bit longer. Other's say I will never return. We will see... 

This blog was inspired by my friend Pete, who really wants this blog to be about a porn because the title makes it, but I decided to create this blog to keep my friends, family, and anyone else interested, up-to-date in the beginning of my new life and to tell my story. 


1. Point and Time - is a bunch of random thoughts I have at that point and time.
2. Day To Day - will be my daily/weekly blog. Depends on how busy I am.
3. Media - is media that I'm in, I make,, things I think should get recognition.
4. Artist of the Month!- is self explanatory. I hope... 

P.S. Everything in HOTT PINK is a link to different websites, mostly music related.

Welcome to "A Different Reality." My "Making It In New York."

- Jen  

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A Single Bird, Same Stone: Migration Edition
"Making It In New York" 

It is my radio show webpage, and I just finished wrapping up a great final season of my show "A Single Bird, Same Stone" on WMUA 91.1FM (previously "Two Birds And A Stone" w/ Sarah Jaffe)
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